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Energy Expenditure

EE: Table 6. Desirable Features of an Indirect Calorimeter (2006)

Table 6. Desirable Features of an Indirect Calorimeter  (3)

Safety features

  • Alarm systems are reliable, include maximum and minimum limits, and limits can be altered
  • Alarm signals are easily distinguishable from other alarms
  • Equipment is electronically grounded
  • Equipment is sturdy and durable
  • Does not increase breathing resistance

Ease of use

  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to assemble/set up
  • Interfaces with existing ventilators
  • Requires minimal warm-up time
  • Portable
  • Has storage space for supplies
  • Has variable collection capabilities
  • Autocalibrates
  • Has computer capability
  • Has software flexibility
  • Can window out extraneous data
  • Can modify reports/graphs
  • Data entry and retrieval
  • Display graphics

Accuracy, precision, reliability

  • Equipment is accurate, precise and reliable
  • System operates without malfunctioning
  • Alarms are reliable and consistent


  • Can be transported easily
  • Can withstand heavy use
  • Can be cleaned/washed easily and effectively


  • Company service agreement
  • In-service training
  • A toll-free number for answering questions
  • Knowledgeable people answering the telephones
  • Supplies are reasonably priced