• Project Team

    The following individuals contributed their valuable time and resources to the 2001 project:

    Evidence Analysis Workgroup

    • Christina Biesemeier, MS, RD, LD, FADA
    • Amy Inman-Felton, RD, LD
    • Elvira Johnson, MS, RD, CDE
    • Wahida Karmally, PhD, RD
    • Jody Vogelzan, MS, RD, LD, CD, FADA

    Consultant and Evidence Analysis Research Coordinator

    • Nanna A. Cross, PhD, RD

    Writing Group

    • Amy Inman-Felton, RD, LD, Group Leader
    • Christina Biesemeier, MS, RD, LD, FADA
    • Elvira Johnson, MS, RD, CDE
    • Karen Smith, MS, RD, FADA

    Academy Staff

    • Esther Myers, PhD, RD, FADA
    • Ellen Pritchett, RD, CPHQ
    • Victoria Shanta
    • Sabrina Livshin


    • Joyce Bateman, RD
    • Susan Branning, RD
    • Mari Clements, MS, RD, CDE
    • Sonja Connor, MS, RD, LD
    • William E. Connor, MD
    • Mary M. Flynn, PhD, RD
    • Katherine Hines, RD
    • Andrea Meyer, RD
    • Gina Wey, RD
    • Cindy Osborn, RD
    • Shahida Shaffie-Rashid, MS, RD
    • Julie Scheier, MS, RD
    • Donna Sika, RD
    • Ellyn Silverman, RD, MPH, CHES
    • David Grotto, RD
    • Jennifer Wolfe, RD
    • Josephine Wong, RD