FNCE 2023
Session 357. Providing MNT for the Pediatric Type 1 Diabetes Population: What Does the Evidence Show?
Monday, October 9, 8:30 AM - 9:30 AM

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DLM-SF: Acronyms and Abbreviations (2023)

Acronyms and Abbreviations (listed in alphabetical order)

Term  Definition
 CHD  Coronary heart disease
 CHO  Carbohydrate
 CRP  C-Reactive protein
 CHD  Coronary heart disease
 CV  Cardiovascular 
 CVD  Cardiovascular disease
 EtD Framework  Evidence-to-Decision framework
 IL-6  Interleukin 6
 LDL  Low density lipoprotein
 HDL  High density lipoprotein
 MNT  Medical nutrition therapy
 RCT  Randomized controlled trial
 RDN  Registered dietitian nutritionist
 TFA  Trans-fatty acids
 TG  Triglycerides
 TNF  Tumor necrosis factor


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