DLM-SF: Recommendations and Supporting Evidence (2023)

DLM-SF: Recommendations and Supporting Evidence (2023)

Every evidence-based nutrition practice guideline recommendations developed by the Academy are supported by systematic reviews. The saturated fat (2023) recommendations with supporting systematic review conclusion statements can be downloaded here (PDF).

Guideline recommendations are the essence of evidence-based guidelines and provide a course of action  for the practitioner based on the evidence. Below, you will find the Saturated Fat (2023) recommendations. The supporting systematic review and guideline is an update to the saturated fat section of the Disorders of Lipid Metabolism (2011) Evidence-Based Nutrition Practice Guideline. A comparison of the 2023 saturated fat recommendations and the 2011 saturated fat recommendations can be downloaded here (PDF). 

Each recommendation receives a rating, of Strong, Weak, or Consensus. The rating for the recommendation is primarily based on the strength of the supporting evidence but also the balance between benefits or harms anticipated and the clinical practice implications. Recommendation statements include the terms "recommend/should" for strong recommendations, "suggest/may" for weak recommendations, and "it is reasonable" for consensus recommendations. The Academy categorizes recommendations in terms of either Imperative or Conditional statements. Conditional statements clearly define a specific situation or specific sub-population with the larger guideline population. Imperative statements are broadly applicable to the target population without restraints on their application. Learn more →  

Resources Available with Each Recommendation

In addition to the recommendation statement and strength rating, on each recommendation page, you will find:

  • A brief narrative summary of the evidence analyzed to develop the recommendation.
  • A statement of justification, or reason for the strength of the recommendation.
  • Detailed information on the evidence supporting the recommendations and background narrative (available in the Supporting Evidence section toward the bottom of each recommendation page).
  • A reference list at the end of each recommendation page that includes all the sources used in the evidence analysis for the particular recommendation (each reference is hyperlinked to a summary of the article analyzed in the evidence analysis).


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